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BookCrossing - the deborama52 bookshelf - FREE YOUR BOOKS!
BookCrossing - the deborama52 bookshelf - FREE YOUR BOOKS!
News Aggregation
Buzz Flash
Google News (UK)
Google News (US)
News Publications
The New York Times (US)
The Guardian (UK)
The Nation (US)
The Sunday Herald (UK- Scot)
The Age (Australia)
Al Bawaba - Gateway to the Middle East
The Story on Iraq (Russian, mostly in English)
The Hindu - Indian National Newspaper Online
Indian Country Today (US)
Christian Science Monitor (International - mostly US)
Financial Times (UK) (Canada)
Channel News Asia
Washington Post (US)
TV and Radio on the Web
BBC News (UK)
Sky News (UK)
National Public Radio (US)
BBC Radio 4
CNN Europe (Europe)
Pacifica Radio
Randi Rhodes Radio Talk Show
Air America
Wire Services
United Press International (International)
Reuters (International)
Associated Press
Weather News
Weather Underground
Local News Sources
Nottingham Evening Post
Hinckley Times
The Scotsman
The Orcadian
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
City Pages (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)
The Oregonian
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Oakland Tribune
San Jose Mercury
Biloxi Sun-Herald
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Orange County Metblog
Specialist News Sources
Before the Flood - radical online UK magazine
London Review of Books
Radio Times
Utne Reader
Common Dreams
Mother Jones
Center for Constitutional Rights
Southern Poverty Law Center
LiP Magazine
The Dismal Scientist
Spin Sanity
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Reporters Without Borders
Zeek: Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture
New Scientist
Environment News Service
Planet Ark
Scientific American
National Geographic (News) (US)

Cartoons and Comics
Tom Tomorrow
Get Fuzzy
Scrag Ends
The Feral Eye
Coffee Spill Cartoons
Steve Bell
Rex the Runt
Comic Book Database
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Comic Book - Columns
Reed Waller - artist of Omaha the Cat Dancer
BBC - History
The History Channel
The Emma Goldman Project
A Diary of the Spanish Civil War
US National Security Archive
Alexandra Kollontai (a personal obsession)
Weird History 101 - American Presidents
Studs Terkel - the man who invented "oral history"
Armies of Labor
The legacy of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire
Eunice Hunton Carter (PDF)
Paul Robeson
The Use and Need of the Life of Carry A. Nation
Posters of the Spanish Civil War
Psychedelicatessen History
George Orwell
Politics and Economics
Democratic Socialists of America
Working for Change
Oxfam -
Anti-slavery International
The Innocence Project
New Economics Foundation
Molly Ivins
Jim Hightower
E. J. Dionne, Jr.
Ellen Goodman
Alexander Cockburn
Barbara Ehrenreich
George Monbiot
Greg Palast
William Greider
Mark Steel
Michael Moore
UK Politics (check out the Historical Manifestos)
Members of Parliament
CAIN (Conflict Archive on the Internet)
Library of Anarchism
Autonomedia Info Exchange
Politics and the English Language
Orwell Today
George Orwell - A Tribute in Links
Who Defended the Country? New Democracy Forum (Elaine Scarry)
Doug Mann - Minneapolis Politics, School Board and Anti-war News

Savage Love
Not Tonight, I Have A Headache
Sexual Politics Art Show
About Face
Princess Ilieana on The Jesus Prayer
Belief Net
Ship of Fools
Killing the Buddha
Radical Faith
Christian Century Magazine
The Bruderhof Communities
Walker Community Church (Minneapolis USA) (my church)
The Soul's Internal Clock, an interview with Jacob Needleman
Easter's Hawks and Doves, by the Rev. Dr. Giles Fraser
Real Live Preacher's Sermon on Homosexuality
Real Live Preacher's Exegesis of the Bible on Homosexuality
A Gnostic Homily
Ancient Landmarks
Judaism 101
Donmeh West
Islam Direct (UK)
John Isbell's Religion Tour
The Julian Meetings
Humane Religion
Salam Pax's Photos of the Mandean New Year
The Mahabharata - the greatest story ever told
Pax Nortona's Martyrdom Series
Other Information Sources
Brian Whitaker's Arab Infomation Site
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Mad Kane
The Onion
Firesign Theatre
The Meaning of Liff
Brampton Bugle
Lily Tomlin
Margaret Cho
Dave Barry
Swami Beyondananda
Demotivator's Calendars and
Games, Quizzes and Puzzles
Sudoku Online - an index
Pop Cap Games
Game House
Laws, Constitutions, Cases
Constitution of India
Constitution of the USA
US Supreme Court - Opinions
British Case Law Database of British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Sharia Law News
FindLaw Legal News
Center for Constitutional Rights
Unclassifiable Links
Archie McPhee
Ghost Town - motorcycle rides through the chernobyl area Note: this has been shown to be a hoax (interesting nevertheless)

The Blog Search Engine
Subversive cross-stitch - Urban Legends Reference

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